- DO YOU WANT TO CONTACT US BY TELEPHONE OR VIA WHATSAPP? call us or write to 3926352496 and we will answer you at the following times: Monday from 4pm to 7pm, from Tuesday to Friday 10am-12pm/4pm-7pm SATURDAY AND SUNDAY CLOSED


- WHICH COURIER DO YOU USE? We use BRT and TNT FEDEX, for more information on their current operating services visit the following links: BRT and TNT


- WHEN IS MY ORDER SHIPPED? We ship your products within 3 working days (EXCLUDING SATURDAY AND SUNDAY). Orders placed from Friday to Monday will be prepared and delivered to the courier on Monday or Tuesday based on the starting warehouse. In case of holidays, the order will be shipped on the following working days. From when you receive the fulfillment email, the courier will deliver the order within a maximum of 3 working days

- IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE DELIVERY ON SATURDAY OR SUNDAY? Unfortunately the couriers we work with do not deliver on Saturdays and Sundays, except for particular exceptions which are decided by the courier and not regulated or requested by us

- I RECEIVED THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL BUT I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE ORDERED NUMBER : the size you ordered is indicated next to the product description in the email summary. For example MOU ESKIMO 360 x 1, 360 stands for 36, 365 stands for 36.5, 370 stands for 37 and so on

- I PAID BUT I DIDN'T RECEIVE THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL : Check it hasn't ended up in spam or junk mail. Unfortunately, being an automatic email, it is sometimes sent directly to spam. If he is not present, contact customer service at the times indicated, to check that there is no error in entering the email or in the payment


- DO YOU GIVE THE POSSIBILITY TO REQUEST A RETURN BY RETURNING THE MONEY? Of course, you will receive instructions for returning the product inside the package or you can read them here:

- CAN I CHANGE THE NUMBER OR THE ITEM? Of course, you will receive instructions for returning for exchange inside the package or you can read them here:

- IS THE RETURNS FREE? No, the final return for refund is the responsibility of the customer. However, the customer can decide whether to use our courier at a cost of 10 euros or to send it himself (contact us first)

- WHO SHOULD I GIVE THE MONEY FOR THE RETURN SHIPPING TO? To anyone, if you choose our courier for the return of the final return, the 10 euros will be directly deducted from the final refund

- CAN YOU REFUND ME VIA BANK TRANSFER? The refund is automatic, and is set to be paid to the payment method you have chosen, except in exceptional cases such as theft of the card you paid with or its expiration

- I HAVE MADE THE PAYMENT WITH SCALAPAY. HOW DOES THE REFUND WORK? The total or partial refund will be managed directly by scalapay and you can view everything via your SCALAPAY portal. The remaining installments will be eliminated and the paid installments will be fully or partially refunded based on the return requested.

- I MADE THE PAYMENT IN THREE INSTALLMENTS WITH PAYPAL, HOW DOES THE REFUND WORK? Paypal eliminates the remaining installments at the time of reimbursement and the amount paid for the first installment is made available as a credit on your Paypal account for future purchases. You will therefore not see an actual credit movement but a virtual credit that you can use in the future on any platform that accepts Paypal


- DO YOU DO CASH ON DELIVERY SHIPMENTS? No, but you can pay by credit card, Paypal, Afterpay or ask us for the details for a possible bank transfer. Find all the information here:

- I CAN'T MAKE THE PAYMENT WITH SCALAPAY: If the cart gives you the ORDER EXPIRED notification, delete the cart and do everything from scratch. In case of other problems, we invite you to write directly to SCLAPAY using the email

- I ENTERED EVERYTHING AT CHECKOUT, MADE PAYMENT, IT REDUCED MY MONEY, BUT IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE PAYMENT AND NOW? Don't worry, first of all the money you see deducted is a pre-authorization for the debit which will be reversed within 24 hours by your bank. Subsequently, if it gives you that error it probably has not passed the appropriate safeguards which could be:

1) ZIP CODE ERROR (the ZIP code) you are basically purchasing with a card whose registration is carried out on an address different from the one where you want to send and the system blocks it. You must try again by entering in the BILLING ADDRESS to whom and where the CREDIT CARD is registered and the shipping address where you want the item to be delivered

2) 3D SECURE ERROR : you probably haven't activated the 3D secure code that you can activate from your home banking, or you simply haven't entered it in the correct time and manner (there are those who authorize via text message or via the bank's app)

- I MADE THE PAYMENT WITH PAYPAL, BUT I DIDN'T RECEIVE THE CONFIRMATION VIA EMAIL WHY? Most of the time when this happens it is because it was not processed due to shipping costs. Shipping costs are free on orders over 70 euros, if the order is less than 70 euros and you press the QUICK CHECK-OUT button PAYPAL does not calculate them. Proceed as follows: fill in all the fields below with name, address and all references, press GO TO SHIPPING, select the shipping payment, press GO TO PAYMENT and select PAYPAL, finally press PAY NOW, so it will calculate the correct shipping costs

- I MADE THE PAYMENT WITH PAYPAL IN THREE INSTALLMENTS BUT I STILL CAN'T SEE THE ORDER WHY? simple, you have to wait for the Paypal control time, over which we have no control, possibly contact your PAYPAL customer service


- I CAN'T ENTER THE NEWSLETTER DISCOUNT CODE : the discount code is linked to the email, can only be used once and must enter the same email during the purchase phase. You must sign up for the newsletter, find the box on the homepage, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription via a button. Once confirmed you can use the discount code. If you still can't, contact us at the times indicated above

- I CAN'T ENTER MORE THAN ONE CODE : the system only takes one code per cart

- I ENTER THE DISCOUNT CODE BUT IT IS NOT HOOKED : it is probably not available for the item you are purchasing


- ARE YOUR PRODUCTS ORIGINAL? Of course we only buy original products