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Men's footwear

Elegant shoes and sneakers for men

Men's footwear is an accessory that can enhance any look. There are many styles, from the most elegant and refined for an occasion dress, to the most comfortable and sporty for easy days, and it is often complicated to choose the footwear for free time. Thanks to our vast choice of brands for men's footwear, you can have fun searching for the model that best suits your needs. You can choose a simple but refined ankle boot from Moma , an office oxford or for an important occasion from Rossi , then moving on to the increasingly popular comfortable sports sneakers from Stokton, Flower Mountain , Sun68 And Crime London . The footwear you will find in our e-commerce is carefully selected to guarantee maximum quality and the latest fashion trends.

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Women's footwear

Which shoes to choose for women?

Footwear is a fundamental element in completing all outfits! And to ensure always perfect combinations we recommend some of them

Daily but fashionable outfit?
The boots and ankle boots from Via Roma 15 match perfectly with any type of clothing, from dresses to jeans, they are comfortable, practical and above all beautiful

Sports outfit?
Comfortable footwear such as sneakers from Voile Blanche, Stokton or Flower Mountain

Feminine, elegant outfit?
Pumps, sandals or ankle boots by Sergio Levantesi, Roberto Festa Milano and Nicole Bonnet

Gritty Rock Outfit?
Dr Martens Amphibious, Ash's Texan or the Strategy Boot

If you don't know what you might like, visit the page of the brands we offer and find the model that best suits you!

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Our history over the years

Always at the forefront of new trends and style.

Santinello was born in April 1977 with its first store in Campo San Martino welcoming customers in a family context. Located on a side street that runs along the main road to the charming Villa Contarini in Piazzola sul Brenta, in via Roma 144, it offers men's and women's footwear and leather goods at competitive prices.